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Thermal and CCD Technologies for sportsmen, hunters, law enforcement and home owners!

Night Vision ScopeWhether you are hunting, hiking or boating, you will not miss anything with our multi-generational night vision scopes. You need more than a simple flashlight, you need to get the job done. You need the binoculars, goggles, monoculars, cameras, and scopes that security professionals rely on from night vision scope.

Our products feature state of the art technology (up to gen 4 and Thermal!) with designs that will sustain any type of weather condition under rough useage. Our customers are law enforcement, the military and security personelle that demand reliability and durability at all times.

Provide SECURITY for home or business!

AT HOME: No one need a reminder that we live in a scary world. And with the economy on the skids, crime is on the rise. Do you know who is on your land? Do you have equipment, outbuildings or cars that are at risk? Would you want the upper hand if the worst happened... an intruder in your own home? Thousands of people across America have the peace of mind that ONLY night vision provides!

AT WORK: Businesses face many dangers, your own employees should not be one of them. According to a survey released by forensic accounting firm Michael G. Kessler & Associates, an overwhelming 79 percent of workers admit they have or would consider stealing from their employers! One out of three companies that go bankrupt each year do so as a result of employee theft, costing businesses between $60 billion and $120 billion a year, according to prior studies.

Why do employees steal? Because business owners neglect to put in place checks and balances, and employees know it.

Employee theft statistics: 21% would never steal, 13% WILL steal, and 66% will steal if they see others doing so without consequences. Night Vision Scope dot com is in the business of selling consequences!

Hunters already know.

Our night vision scopes allow you to accurately aim and claim your kill... no more miles long hiking through unknown terrain following a blood trail.If you are clearing your property of pests and varmint animals, you can use your night vision scope to fire as opportunity presents itself. Imagine doing this work and then getting a nights sleep when you are done.

Check your state laws on night hunting, have a license and be on permissioned land!

Some GREAT IDEAS for your night vision scope:

Take a romantic cruise and you and your significant other can watch dolphins hunt and play at night.

Visit a national park and see everything as plain as day with monocular and binoculars. Bear, deer, buffalo and other wildlife are often most active at night. These state-of-the art products allow you to see up to 400 feet from the comfort and safety of your car.

night vision scope Spend and evening with your children or grandchildren learning the night sky. Using night vision technology, you never need to stumble while setting up your expensive and delicate telescope.

Play the fun and exciting game of Vampire Tag! Only one of you has night vision, and the goal is survival.

Get shielded and enjoy a round of paintball at night.

Add night vision lighting in addition to night vision reception, and you decide if you want to see from 10 to 10,000 feet.

Enjoy complete hands-free freedom with our head mounted night vision goggles. These fit securely and comfortably so you can boat, aim a bow or just hold hands while seeing everything clearly.

Hunters, you can search for wildlife and hunt from your boat at night. Deer like to come to the water's edge at night. How about a trip where you fish and hunt?

Campers, you can be on the lookout for food-raiding bears and racoons.

We have all of the accessories you need, including mounts and tripods. You will save on shipping and time and receive your complete dream kit at one time.

Everything you need is on this site; but new products can be scarce due to the present demands of military sales. Call us! We can get the hard-to-find items as one offs.

Order now from our secure site and receive your product in days without ever leaving your home.



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