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Armasight Night Vision Reviews

Armasight is a product line from a company known as Flir. When it comes to night vision and thermal vision Flir makes it all. They make such an impressive amount of accessories that Armasight is often mistaken for its own company. For Flir the Armasight line is one of their flagship lines. Armasight is essentially everything night vision. The line consists of thermal units, night vision binoculars, scopes, and monoculars. There is even Armasight IR illuminators and clip on doublers. The Armasight night vision line is one of the most expansive. The give you, the reader, a better idea of what Armasight has to offer we took a few of their optics for a spin.

Here are 4 Armasight Night Vision Reviews:

Armasight Zeus Thermal Scope Series

The Zeus series of Thermal optics come in quite a few flavors for different users. As a scope, it’s best mounted on a rifle. The Armasight Zeus series of scopes are variable magnification models. The larger model comes in 5 to 20 power for long range or small target observation. The smaller, lighter model comes in a conservative 3 to 12 power. Each magnification has an option for a 30 Hz or 60Hz refresh rate. The refresh rate determines picture clarity. 60Hz is basically high definition and 30Hz is standard definition.

Aramasight Zeus Series Review

The Zeus Thermal scopes seem big, but for their actual magnification and objective lens diameter, they are superbly small. In fact, the Zeus series is the smallest thermal vision system in its class. The Zeus night vision system can actually be paired with an additional remote for easy access rapid on/off. The Zeus series provides very positive feedback when used during the day or at night. The difference between 30Hz and 60Hz is certainly noticeable. However, the difference comes down to the 60Hz making it possible to see fine facial features and the 30Hz seeing rudimentary features. Either way, I can see, track and hit my target.

Armasight Vega Mini-Monocular

Are you new to night vision? Are you on a tight budget? Well, luckily Armasight has an option for you. If you’re interested in a small, easy to use a night vision device the Vega is probably perfect for you. The Armasight Vega is designed for the casual user but is actually very well built for its price. It features all glass optics which will help beat back distortion and provide a clearer image. It’s a simple monocular that does have a small, short range IR illuminator. The NV monocular uses a composite housing, which is important to keep it lightweight.

Armasight Vega-Mini Gen 1+ Night Vision Monocular Review

Its lightweight nature makes it more comfortable when attached to a helmet or a HALO system. As a generation 1 optic, I wouldn’t suggest it for police or military use. However, when it comes to airsoft, paintball, or simple night time observation the Vega mini would be perfect. It runs on the small, but efficient CR123A. The monocular has a surprising 40lp/mm resolution, which makes it quite clear. One of the best things you can do if pair with a powerful IR Illuminator. This will give you a longer clearer field of view on moonless or overcast nights.

The Armasight Vampire 3X CORE IIT Night Vision Scope

The Armasight Vampire certainly has a name that shines. Since most people associate Vampire with night time predators I see why Armasight called it the Vampire. The Vampire 3X Core IIT is a night vision scope designed for firearms. When a hunter is equipped with a rifle and this scope he or she becomes quite the nighttime predator.

The Armasight Vampire 3X CORE IIT Night Vision Scope Review

What’s unique is that this is a Gen 1+ scope, and maintains a Gen1+ price, but delivers so much more performance. This Armasight night vision scope performs way above what people expect from a Gen night vision scope. In fact, it’s made so well it is comparable to a high-end Gen 2 scope. The Vampire delivers a crystal clear 60-60 lp/mm picture. Combined with the included long-range IR illuminator and you’ll see incredibly far. The Vampire obtains this level of performance due to the use of multi-coated lenses, wide objective lens, and most importantly its CORE IIT system. The CORE system is proprietary to Armasight and Flir.

The Vampire is perfect for hunters, and it attaches to standard tail systems quite easily. It runs off a single CR123A battery. It’s nitrogen purged to be fog proof, and is sealed against water, dirt, and debris. It’s the perfect design for a hunter.

Armasight Spark-B “CORE” 4X Night Vision Binoculars

Remember the Armasight line goes long and far. It includes scopes, monocular, and the best observation tool, the binoculars. Binoculars offer the most stable and easy to use platform when you need a dedicated observation system. The Armasight Spark B uses the same CORE system as the Vampire.

Armasight Spark-B "CORE" 4x Night Vision Binoculars Review

This gives users a remarkably clear and consistent picture, especially when paired with a high powered long range illuminator. You get 60-70 lp/mm resolution from the binoculars, which is as close to high definition as you’ll get with a Gen 1+ device. The lenses are all glass and are completely multicoated.

The system is rubberized and protected from the environment and is incredibly easy to use. You get a 4 power magnification that feeds a constant and consistent night vision picture. The distortion level is incredibly low, and once adjusted you can see remarkably far.


Flir and Armasight produce a ton of different optics. Their lines are impressive, and they produce high-quality goods. The price point is just right, and the engineering is nothing short of genius.

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