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Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes When Buying a Night Vision Scope

night vision scope might be one of the most challenging devices for hunters to make an educated purchase. Because of this, many hunters tend to stay away from exploring night vision devices, and worse yet, make costly mistakes when purchasing them. This is why we’ve created a list of the common mistakes when buying a night vision scope to help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not Understanding the Capabilities of a Night Vision Scope
Night vision scopes have a wide variety of performance capabilities. Often times, people make the mistake of looking at the price range before having a clear understanding of the performance capabilities. It is best to ignore the price initially and begin to define the capabilities that you are looking for within a night vision scope. For example, start by identifying the type of target you will be aiming at, distance, and the lighting conditions your night vision scope will be used in. After you have determined these capabilities you can start to determine what price range of night scope options will meet your requirements.

Mistake #2: Settling for a Night Vision Scope that Doesn’t Meet Your Requirements
Sometimes you will determine that the capabilities that you are looking for in your night vision scope don’t meet your budget range. We hear often that people settled for a night vision scope that had less capabilities than they desired and they were very disappointed with their purchase. It might be best to wait until you have the larger budget so that you can purchase the night vision scope that meets your needs.

Mistake #3: Failing to Explore Options Other than a Night Vision Scopes
While a night vision is a great choice, there two other technologies, digital night vision and thermal imaging, that are becoming increasingly popular to hunters. Night vision, digital night vision, and thermal imaging are not limited to scopes. There are other devices that offer the same technology. While a scope is a very solid option for your rifle, there are binoculars, clip-on systems, goggles and monoculars that are availlable with these technologies. They are worth exploring to see if they meet your current needs and set-up

Mistake #4: Not Understanding the Laws Governing Night Vision Scope Usage
We often hear of people purchasing their night vision scope in hopes of using it to hunt at night, just to find out that their state doesn’t allow it. Make sure you research the hunting regulations within your state because the laws governing night vision device usage can vary considerably by state.

Mistake #5: Not Understanding the Difference of Generations of Night Vision Scope
It is extremely important to understand the difference in generations before buying a night vision scope. There is a considerable difference in both the performance as well as the longevity in the different generations. The difference between a Gen 1 night vision scope and a Gen 3 night vision scope can be like comparing a match to spotlight. We have created a guide that explains the differences between generations to help you make a more educated purchase.

night vision scope is sure to be a great addition to any hunter’s gear and add a whole new dimension to any hunting adventure. However, because a night vision scope is a big investment, it is very important to make an informed buying decision. By not making the mistakes mentioned in this article you will end up with a great night vision scope that will enhance your hunting experiences for years to come.

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