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Become an Expert on Night Vision Scopes by Watching These Five Videos

Understandably, for those who are new to the night sport, they can get overwhelmed rather quickly with the questions of, what scope should I buy? Or where should I even begin? Thankfully we can turn to one of the best resources this day and age has to offer, the internet. Of course, you can’t trust everything you read or see on the internet, but it can sure help provide crash courses on topics that you may be wanting to learn.

There is nothing like trying out products right in front of your face, but of course this is not always possible.  If you are able to view the products at least side by side, it can sure help you decide or educate you as to what brand or style you should by.

In the video by Lone Star Bores, they show you just that. If you are beginner and not sure if you should spend your hard earned money on night vision, or thermal, this video is for you. Lone Star Boars has a side by side comparison between night vision scopes and thermal scopes. They show you how each style has its advantages and how each style has its disadvantages, thus giving the you a front row seat of seeing firsthand what style may be best for you.

Once you have an idea of what type of scope you want to purchase between night vision and thermal, this next video is a quick crash course on just a basic model of a night vision Pulsar scope. Nic Taylor has the video explaining the simplicity of a basic night vision scope. He goes over the entire scope and talks about what all the functions do. The way he explains everything gives any beginner a touch more knowledge and advise that they could use in making a purchase to get into the sport or possibly make a purchase.

It is one thing to have someone explain a product to you, but how does it preform in the field? What do the animals look like through the scopes? From the video you get a front row seat of an Armasight Predator with actual game. Join Carpe Sus as he lets you look through his scope while testing the Predator during a night hunt. There is no dialog during the video, but he has text on the screen for each animal or object he sees, he not only tells you what you are viewing, but the distance you are from that particular object. His video allows you to be able to see how a deer or turkey may appear in thermal imagery. He even goes so far as to inform you the temperature and humidity. No shots are fired in the video, so if you are looking for carnage rather than education, you may have to look elsewhere.

With all the different types of thermal scopes out there, these previous videos don’t help too much when it comes to the comparisons of each style. In another video by Lone Star Boars they compare nine different thermal scopes at various yardages. A great video to let you see firsthand which style or brand you like better or if it would be worth it to you to fork out a touch more cash for a better model.

If you are looking at getting into the sport of night hunting/shooting, odds are you already hunt and have a set up on your AR-15 or a different rifle. Lone Star Bores has another great video explaining the pros and cons of a clip on night vision scope. In this video, you are able to see exactly what the shooter would be seeing out in the field. No animals or shooting action is found in this video, as it is more so an instructional video of installation of the clip on scope to an already existing scope. Lone Star Bores does allow you to look though the scope in the dark so that you can see how the view is a touch different than a normal night vision or a fixed thermal scope.

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