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Four Articles Every Night Vision Scope Owner Should Read

Whether you are just starting out in the night vision game or you are a veteran of the sport, the article on Shooting Illustrated gives a quick crash course on the different generations and the best uses for clip on or fixed scopes. The article by Shooting Illustrated provides a brief explanation as what type you should look at purchasing depending on what you will be searching for with the scope/monocular. This article has a touch of technicality in it as it discusses NVD’s (night-vision devises) by using light-amplification technology, which is the basics in all night vision gear.

Matthew Sharp has an article which is a very lengthy write up regarding pretty much everything that has to do with night vision. He talks about the different generations and even how night vision works. Matthew even goes into detail about the different styles of night vision and not just talking about scopes that would be placed on a weapon. He talks about digital night vision, single tube monocular devises, single-tube goggles, single-tube binocular devices, dual-tube devices and quad-tube devices, including a hybrid style of night vision combined with thermal. He even goes into detail regarding the lights and laser accessories and when you should use each style. Matthew also gives a general price range of $500.00 – $20,000.00 making sure you are well aware of what you could possibly getting yourself into.

If you are looking for an article that not only has information when it comes to night vision, but reviews on the top brands for the binocular category, then Optics Den has a perfect article for you. They talk about the best brands for the average Joe, such as Bushnell and Armasight. They talk about how Armasight makes products for military and for law enforcement, which has helpful insight, that if the professionals are using them, then of course they must be top of the line. Optics Den also goes into detail about the top five brands in the night vision business. Along with the quick overview of the best brands, they provide an overview in layman’s terms regarding the different generations and the pros and cons of each one. They break down the night vision talk by suggesting what night vision binoculars would be best for hunting, as well as bird watching.

One thing that these three articles have in common is that they all go into detail regarding the different generations. So if you learn nothing from this write up or the articles mentioned above, it would be wise to learn what the difference is between generation 1, generation 2 and generation 3 when it comes to night vision technology.

With the articles above talking mainly about night vision, for those that are in the thermal game, Rifle Scope Center explains the different kinds of thermal scopes that are on the market for hunting/shooting at night. They try to help the reader decide what type of scope to purchase by using a sort of internal checklist, by giving the reader the realization as when to use of each style and type of scope.  They explain how infrared is best used when there is little to no visibility from smoke or fog and when night vision would be. Wherein night vision scopes amplify the light and provide a greater detail of what you are viewing, but do not work well in pitch black or in a fog or smoke filled area.

Of course there are thousands of articles online that can explain the same thing the articles above have explained. But, when it comes to night vision, it seems that these articles actually break it down and provide the reader with great and simple information.

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