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How to Avoid Scope Bite

“Scoping Yourself.” “Scope Bite.” These are terms that you have experienced if you have ever been hit in the face by a scope. It is embarrassing and very painful. Want to know how to avoid this unpleasant experience? In this article we will show you how to shoot with confidence that you won’t “scope yourself” during your next shot.

Scope bite occurs during recoil. The scope quickly moves back and makes contact with your brow, forehead, nose, or eye socket. Ouch! It has happened to most shooters, even the most experienced, at least once in their lifetime.

The main reasons for scope bites are that the person is way too close to the scope or that they don’t have the rifle seated on their shoulder properly.

Make sure your rifle fits in the natural groove between your shoulder and chest. Don’t put it too high on your collarbone because that will hurt you during the recoil as well.

Put your face down on the buttstock and make sure your eyes are at least 3 inches away from the scope. Make sure you scope allows for at least 3 inches of eye relief. The easiest way to assure that the scope is 3 inches away from your eye is to mount your scope so that the ocular of the scope is positioned 3 or more inches away from your eye when you hold your rifle in your normal shooting position. It is always better to start with the scope too far away than too close to your eye.

Do you have a scope bite tip or a story to share? We’d love for you to comment and share your pro tip or story so that we can help others avoid the pain of scope bite.

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