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How to Mount a Night Vision Scope

A night vision scope mounts differently than your regular day time scope. Typically a daytime scope is mounted with scope rings. You do not use rings with a night vision scope because the night vision scope typically has a built in mount that will attach directly to the rifle.

Your rifle will need either a Picatinny rail or a Weaver base. You will find a Picatinny rail on most semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15. The Weaver base is found on most bolt action rifles.

A night vision scope will have a mount that clamps down and locks into either the Weaver or Picatinny base. You will most like need a wrench for tightening down the scope. However, there are better scopes that come equipped with a “quick release” mount built into the scope. These types of scopes are great because they do not require the use of any tools and allow the user to attach and remove the scope quickly with the use of a locking lever. Another benefit of the quick release is that most can be put on and taken off without having to re-zero your scope.

It is important to have a high quality and solid base for your night vision scope to attach to. A night vision scope is typically much heavier than a regular daytime scope. If you have a high quality base, you should have no problem attaching the night vision scope and it should be very easy to mount.

If you are unsure of the size or style of your scope base feel free to reach out to us before purchasing your night vision scope.  

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