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Hunting Hogs with a Night Vision Scope or Thermal Scope

There has been a huge popularity explosion in the hunting world around hog hunting because they have become a major nuisance in this country. This is due to the rapid growth of the feral hog population. Feral hogs have no natural predators at maturity and begin to reproduce as young as 7 months old. They have an average of 4 to 6 piglets two times a year. There is an estimated population of feral hogs between 4 and 5 million currently. This is leaving a wake of destruction wherever feral hogs are found. There is an estimated $1.5 billion of crop damage due to these pigs each year. 

Because hogs are cunning, they will often act nocturnal due to hunting pressure. This is why it is popular to hunt hogs at night. If you are a hunter wishing to hunt down the feral hog with night vision, you might have some hurdles to overcome. 

hog hunting with a night vision scope or thermal scope

The intelligence of the hog, the hardiness of the animal itself, and night hunting laws are just a few hurdles. Let’s explore more in depth the hurdle around night vision and hunting feral hogs at night.

The most important factor to be aware of when it comes to hunting feral hogs at night is knowing whether or not it is legal in your state. You need to educate yourself on night-hunting laws in your state as well as the legality of using night vision. Some states prohibit the use of night vision and some states will not allow you to hunt at night. 

If you have determined that it is legal to hunt feral hogs with night vision in your state, the next thing to consider is the night vision equipment that you will use. It is very important that you secure a thermal or night vision device that will allow you to clearly distinguish whether or not you are aiming at a feral pig vs a deer. Feral pigs like undergrowth and cover, and many of your shots should be inside 100 yards. Make sure that the night vision scope or thermal scope that you choose allows you to clearly determine what you are shooting at so that you don’t wind up in hot water if you accidentally shoot something that is illegal to hunt at night. 

While spotlighting hogs is a viable option, it is wise to remember that these hogs are incredibly smart and if they have already been shot at once by someone who has spotlighted them before, they will learn to associate the spotlight with death and run the next time. This is why the use of a night vision scope or a thermal scope is a better route to take. 

Night vision scopes are typically more affordable than thermal scopes. You can buy a nice quality night vision scope starting at $400 while a thermal scope starts in the thousands. Both are great options for hunting feral hogs. With up to 5 million hogs destroying the land between California and Florida, you won’t be disappointed with the opportunity to hunt these feral pigs at night.

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