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Importance of Night Vision Devices for Your Prepper Bug Out Bag

Night vision… the equipment that preppers shouldn’t forget. Many preppers think about day situations but forget about surviving in the dark. Aside from the “cool factor”, night vision devices play a very important role for preppers. Here are a few situations where you may find yourself needing a night vision device:

Home Invasion
The ability to protect your family from invaders is something that you will have to do both in the daytime and the night time. Because intrusion can happen at night, you will need to provide protection for your family and property with night vision devices.

Hunting for Food
Having night vision goggles or a night vision scope will help you hunt for animals and find other food supplies at night during times of need. Some preppers prefer thermal imaging vs night vision. The advantage of thermal devices is the ability to view a heat source. However, night vision devices allow you to get a better view of features.

Bug Out Bag
If you ever need to travel at night for safety reasons, it makes sense to have a night vision device in your bug out bag. You will need to be able to navigate and see in the dark of the night. Using a night vision device rather than a flashlight will allow you to navigate without drawing attention to yourself.

Night vision can be very expensive in many cases. However, it doesn’t have to be. It all depends on what your intended use is. You might decide to invest in a less expensive device to get you started. This way you have some form of night vision instead of having nothing at all in an emergency. Having some sort of night vision will give you an edge over others who do not have it. Another option is to go in with another prepper so that you can rotate and borrow equipment.

Having the ability to safely move at night with night vision goggles or seeing your target better in the night hours with a night vision scope could be the advantage you need to survive. It is always good for preppers to have some type of night vision device in their bug-out bag. Make sure not to tell everyone that you have a night vision device, because it will become a wanted item in the event of a disaster.

What is your night vision device of choice?

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