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Night Vision Scope Review: Armasight CO-MR Gen 2+ Clip-On Systems

The Armasight CO-MR Gen 2+ series are some of the most advanced day/night vision clip-on systems. The CO-MR is a simple and quick way to convert your daytime scope to a night vision scope. The Armasight CO-MR is a clip on unit that is placed in front of your standard rifle scope. Many users prefer this option of keeping their already existing scope and combining it with another to get night vision.

The Armasight CO-MR have really been popular night vision scope choices for those who own AR-15 and AR-10 applications rather than those with standard hunting rifles due to needing a long mount in front. One of the biggest perks of using the CO-MR is that there is no need for the user to rezero anything when it is added or removed.

Armasight CO-MR

Let’s take a closer look at some of the other benefits of the Armasight CO-MR:

  • Quick detach lock mounting system for daytime shooting
  • Compatible with standard Weaver or Picatinny rail
  • Factory bore-sighted to tolerances of less than 1 MOA
  • Recommended for use with day scopes of up to 6-7X magnification
  • Includes a wireless remote control allowing quick, no-fuss activation

These Armasight night vision devices range from $1495-$1895, which are great prices for a Gen 2+ night vision device. Plus these units allow for more flexibility than the standard options. The Armasight CO-MR Gen 2+ Day/Night Vision Clip-On Systems are a great option if you are looking for a night vision scope that delivers great clarity, versatility, reliability, function and value.

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