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Night Vision Scope Review: Armasight WWZ 4x GEN 1+

Choosing the night vision scope for your rifle is an extremely important step for safe and improved night hunting. A decent night vision scope will allow you to hit your target perfectly from a long range.

The Armasight WWZ 4X Gen 1+ Night Vision Scope is one of the most recognizable and popular scopes on the market. Its high-class lens, clean focus, amazing magnification zooming, target vision and improved target vision capability have made a must-have solution for the avid hunter and tactical shooter.

This scope comes packed with advanced features and quality that will enhance your shooting experience. Let’s take a closer look as to why the Armasight WWZ 4X easily stands out from the others:


Magnification Lens
The 4x magnification lens on the Armasight WWZ give four times the zooming capability. This high-performing lens helps you to acquire your target within a medium range of about 100 yards with ambient light. You will be able to see moving and still objects clearly at about 60 yards without ambient light.

Infrared Illuminator
The detachable infrared illuminator is a handy feature when you are hunting in darker nights. The infrared aids in longer range shooting that will help you point out your target and easily hit it.

Adjustable Reticle
A great feature when shooting moveable objects. It is easy to adjust the brightness of the reticle while having perfect sight of your target.

This night vision scope was designed for professional use. Its features allow for better accuracy and ergonomics. The aluminum body is water resistant built for long term usage.

Overall, customers love the Armasight WWZ 4X Gen 1+ because it is affordable (under $400) and provides great vision at night within mid-range area. You won’t be disappointed with excellent vision, target acquisition, observation and aiming capability this scope provides.

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