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Thermal Clip On Scope 101

From varmint calling to big game hunting, an innovative weapon is used by man. The weapon of choice for most sport hunters is some sort of high powered rifle, and with the advancement in technology these days, it just doesn’t seem right to own a rifle without the accessorizing it with a great scope.

Nearly every hunter has their favorite gun, it is the gun they feel the most comfortable with and their “go to” gun. On their gun is as high end of a scope that they could afford.  When they go out deer hunting or coyote calling, they will quickly grab Old Betsy, with the knowledge that she is just as dialed in as ever. 

In some states they have made hunting certain animals legal in the night, the most common being coyotes and feral pigs.  With this change in the law, technology has followed and they have developed a line of night time optics, one of which being Thermal Imaging. This is where your optic is able to detect heat and make it in a sense, glow. 

While hunting at night, sounds like a blast, not many hunters want to turn their one and only, Old Betsy into a night hunting only gun. Nor would they want to use a lesser gun with a high end thermal scope. If you are going to hunt, hunt with the best gear/weapons you own.  Luckily technology once again is a step ahead and has created a thermal imaging clip on scope available to the public.  This is an amazing product is exactly what it sounds like. It looks like a thermal monocular, except it is built to attach to your current fixed scope with ease.

Flir, a night vision and thermal imaging company has developed a flagship line of thermal optics called Armasight.  By purchasing and attaching the Armasight clip on thermal scope you are saving yourself time and possibly money. The best part is, once it is attached, you will not need to re-zero in your scope as it uses the reticles of your current fixed scope, and it allows you to reach out as far as you have your rifle sighted in to.  As you look through your scope, the thermal imaging will quickly pick out the body heat of animals, camouflage can’t even hide them from your view, giving you a huge advantage in the dark.

Just like any other product on the market, there are numerous styles and manufactures. However, the line of Armasight products are hard to beat especially with the clip on night vision scopes. These light weight clip on scopes have been designed to be very easy to mount, by slipping them onto the end of your current scope and temporarily attaching them to your gun.  The digital buttons make it extremely straight forward and in no time you will find a new style of excitement by hunting at night. Also, keeping hunters in mind and how much they love to share their hunting stories with others, Flir has also provided the option to record your hunt or shots using the SD card slot.

One of Flir’s products is the Armasight CO-MR GEN 2+ SD MG Day/Night Vision Clip-On System and it can mount in front of any daytime scope by the use of a Picatinny or Weaver rail, including a quick release. It comes with a wireless remote control and is powered by only one CR123 or AA battery. It is also filled with dry nitrogen to help avoid fogging inside of the scope, especially on those cold nights.

Another scope by Flir is the Armasight Apollo 324 (30Hz) 42mm Thermal Imaging Clip-On System which seems to have endless abilities and options. With this model you are actually able to adjust the display brightness. It also shows how much life of the two required CR123 batteries have left. The optional digital video recorder makes re-watching your evening shots a blast.

Armasight Apollo 324 (30Hz) 42mm

With products such as these Armasight scopes,  it is hard to see why anyone who hunts at night wouldn’t have a thermal clip on sight in their safe. They not only allow a hunter to hunt at night, but they can use the exact same gun as soon as the sun starts peaking up by taking a few moments to remove the thermal scope leaving their fixed scope ready to rock and roll.

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