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Thermal Scope Review: Four of the Best Thermal Scopes in 2017

When someone mentions hunting at night or shooting at night, the first thing in most people’s mind is “night vision”. We have all heard or seen what it looks like from pretty much any modern day war movie ever made. But taking “night vision” a step farther and better, is thermal imaging.

Years ago when the technology first came out, it seemed that thermal imaging scopes were something that were only used in warfare, but thanks to the forward movement by man, thermal imaging is something that can now be used by civilians.

Understandably the price is a touch higher than a normal scope, but if you hunt or search for animals at night, what scope is the best thermal scope for you?

Armasight Zeus 336 5-20×75 (30Hz) Thermal Scope

The Armasight Zeus 336 5-20×75 (30Hz) Thermal Scope is pretty much at the top of its class in every category, including price. Coming in at just under $5,000.00, this thermal scope is perfect for SWAT, special operations forces, border patrol and hunters. This scope can be used daytime or nighttime with no visible light or RF energy, making the user undetectable in no light situations. Since thermal imaging is based on temperature, this gives a greater advantage in situations like smoke, fog, haze and even dust. The Armasight Zeus comes with a six pattern reticle, allowing the user to pick their favorite, or cycle through them for each scenario where they may find themselves.

It seems that we mistake that equipment for the Military and law enforcers should be complicated or difficult to learn to use, this scope is made to be user friendly and very fluid since crunch time does not allow for complicating equipment. Because this scope can be used in the daytime as well as the night, it comes with a variety of different settings to help your target stand out and give you the upper hand.  These include white hot, black hot, sepia, rainbow, and a variety of other colors to allow you to choose the best for you with every situation and are based on a rich and upgradeable software package.  

The Zeus comes with the option to record your use by using the SD card slot for whatever your needs may be, and this device is completely waterproof and fogproof.  Some of the Specifications for this scope are; the magnification is 5.0x / 6.0x, pixel display format is 800×600 and the digital zoom is 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x.  The Zeus uses Picatinny MIL STD 1913 and Weaver Rails to mount to a gun and has eight levels of brightness.  

Armasight Predator 336 2-8×25 (60 Hz) Thermal Scope


When it comes to hunting predators, the light weight Armasight Predator 336 2-8×25 (60 Hz) Thermal Scope is perfect for hunting all animals.  From locating to eradicating predators don’t stand a chance, since this scope gives you every advantage when hunting in the night or even the day.  Thermal imaging uses the detection of temperatures so it is an ideal scope for fog, haze, snow and smoke.  When the surrounding temperatures are similar, this device allows you to change the color settings to find one that helps your targets stand out for you, such as black hot, white hot, rainbow and various other colors.  

Every hunter loves to tell their hunting stories over and over and so Armasight has provided the option to use the SD card slot and record all your adventures and experiences. Whether this scope in on your gun or in your hand, you can use it as an excellent thermal imaging device.  

Predators are becoming smarter, so using a thermal imaging device allows you to remain in the dark unseen by those you are hunting since it requires no external light or even natural light to illuminate your target.  

When it comes to any technical device during a hunt, and that buck fever adrenaline hits you, everything needs to be fluid and easy to use.  This scope is designed to be user friendly and simple to use and operate. As well, it has a standby mode setting, which is a necessity during crunch time.  Just press the standby button and in less than three seconds, it is ready to fire with your settings already chosen.

It comes designed with the latest FLIR Tau 2 VOx microbolometer core, Fast 30Hz or 60Hz imaging and an optical magnification of 1.6x.  It has six different reticle patterns including dot 4 MOA, line dot, cross-center dot, cross, crosshair, or no reticle.  The neat thing is that you can also change the color of your reticle which includes black, white, red, and cyan so you can pick which one is the best for you.  The digital zoom is 1x, 2x or 4x and a pixel display format of 640×480.

This scope is a perfect overall Thermal Imaging Scope and an excellent choice for hunting predators.  

Pulsar Apex XD75 3-6×52 Thermal Scope


The Pulsar Apex is a great addition to anyone who is using an AR15.  One of the neatest things about this scope is that is actually uses a 2x digital zoom picture-in-picture feature. This means that the user has the ability to see a zoomed section on the screen of the crosshairs allowing extreme precision when shooting at their target, even 600 yards away.  

The Pulsar uses a white hot and a black hot view to detect the temperatures of the object around you.  It also has three different choices of settings, including rocks, forest and identification to help you quickly find your target and get your shot off. It also provides you with the settings of using manual, automatic and semi-automatic calibration modes.   One other neat thing about this scope is that it has ten different options for the variable electronic reticles.

Armasight Apollo 324 (60Hz) 42mm Thermal Imaging Clip-On System


The Armasight Apollo 324 (60 Hz) Gen2, is a short distance yet extremely impressive thermal clip-on scope.  It is very light weight and it will quickly and easily clip on to a daytime scope with absolutely no need to re-zero since it uses your current scope’s reticles. Unlike the night vision scopes, it is completely usable during the day as well as night with no harm done to the scope.

This scope will quickly and silently turn on in less than three seconds and can be used in many different conditions that normally cause visual obstructions such as dust, smoke, fog, and haze. This scope is also fog and water resistant. This device does not need any external light or illuminators, so you won’t be spotted by others in the night, which is a great advantage no matter what you are hunting or looking for.     

Not only does this scope provide white hot and black hot, but it can be set to various color modes such as rainbow, red hot, green hot and sepia.  This gives the user the option to find a color system that stands out better during certain times of day or weather conditions, especially when the temperatures are similar between targets and surroundings.  

The Apollo also gives you the option to record your experiences by using the SD card slot available. The battery life lasts up to four hours, but with the external battery pack it can last up to twelve hours.  It comes with a wireless remote control, easy to navigate settings and user friendly design from set-up to use.  

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