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Using an Infrared Illuminator with a Night Vision Scope

night vision scope will add a new dimension to your night time hunting experience. Night vision allows you to act in the night without giving away your position with bright lights.

No matter what type of night vision scope you are using, you can make it more beneficial by adding an infrared illuminator. IR illumination may be the only option you have under anything less than a full moon with a clear starlit sky. If you want to extend the range and increase the clarity of your night vision scope, you will need an infrared illuminator that delivers extra candlepower.

Light spectrum is measured in the inverse or in the wavelength, whichever is most frequent. The wavelength of light is measured in nanometers. The visible portion of this spectrum is between 380nm to 750nm range. IR illuminators used with night vision scopes operate in the near infrared range of the light spectrum from the high side of 700 nanometers to 940 nanometers which is invisible to the human eye and many animals. The IR light will only be visible to another night vision and very few IR sensitive animals.

IR illuminators are more commonly used with Gen 1 night vision. You may need the IR illumination a little less with a Gen 2 scope. A Gen 3 night vision scope will not need the help of IR illumination very often. If you are under a dark tree canopy with dense light sucking undergrowth, the only thing other than a good IR Illuminator that will help you is a thermal scope.

Using the right infrared illuminator will be the difference between acquiring your target or a near-hit. IR illuminators work much like a flashlight, except they remain invisible to the human eye. When there is not enough ambient light for your night vision scope simply turn on the IR light will make your night vision view brighter and more contrasted. 

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