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What is the Best Night Vision Scope for an AR-15?

One of the first AR parts people search for after completing their AR-15 are AR-15 optics. Choosing an AR-15 scope can be an exciting and overwhelming feat. The night vision scope might be the most popular AR-15 scope that people research. There is no shortage of options when searching for a night vision scope for your AR-15. Brands such as Armasight, Firefield, Sightmark and Pulsar are considered among the biggest and best brands today.

If you are looking for a night vision scope for your AR-15, it is important that you check the magnification capability, its durability, and of course its price and warranty. A night vision scope is a big investment and you don’t want to settle on anything cheap/low quality for your AR-15. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean low price. There are many high quality night vision scopes available in a budget friendly range.

In this article we have outlined several options for you to consider when buying a night vision scope for your AR-15. We feel confident that you will better understand pros and cons and what to look for after digesting our suggestions.

Best AR-15 Night Vision Scope Under $600

A limited budget doesn’t mean that you won’t receive a quality night vision scope. It only means that you may have to settle for a Gen 1 night vision scope, and your target range will most likely be less than 75 yards.

If this is your budget range, we suggest these night visions scopes:

Armasight ORION 5x GEN 1+ Night Vision Scope
Arguably the most dependable, highest-performing scope you can find in the Gen 1 category, this scope gives you 5x magnification.

Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Vision Scope
This digital night vision scope delivers a higher magnification, 33% longer battery life and 30% lighter weight than other digital night vision rifle scopes on the market.

Best AR-15 Night Vision Scope Under $1000

There are several nice night vision scope options available for your AR-15 when you step your budget up closer to $1000.

    Armasight Vampire 3X CORE IIT Night Vision Scope
    This is a Gen 1 night vision rifle scope that uses CORE technology. It provides double the resolution of Gen 1 devices which gives it the resolution of a Gen 3 scope.

    Sightmark Photon XT 6.5x50L Digital Night Vision Scope
    This digital night vision rifle scope delivers a higher than average 640×480 resolution allows for optimal brightness and vivid detailing at up to 200 yards.

    Best AR-15 Night Vision Scope Under $2000

    If your budget will allow you to go over $1000, you will have many more night vision scope options for your AR-15 to choose from.

      Armasight Nemesis 6x GEN 2+ ID Night Vision Scope
      A night vision scope that allows you to see beyond the expected in nighttime conditions. This night vision scope gives you range of 150 yards.

      Armasight Drone Pro 10x Digital Night Vision Scope
      This night vision scope came on the market in 2014. One of the most advanced scopes in its class it offers 10X magnification.

      Pulsar Digisight 850 LRF Digital Night Vision Scope
      This digital night vision scope has a continuous 2x digital zoom which extends the range of magnification up to 9x. This enables the scope to detect targets up to 650 yards.

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