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Why You Should Should Own an AR 15 Night Vision Scope

It seems that the most popular gun out there is an AR-15. These types of guns usually get the most grief from anti-gun lobbyists, but for us firearm lovers, there is nothing like shooting a decked out AR-15.

Assuming the legalities of shooting at night or hunting with a semi-automatic carrying a high capacity magazine is allowed in your state, there aren’t many guns that will make you feel more powerful when sitting down for a coyote stand and have an AR set up on a bipod right in front of you.

The optimal gun to have set up for a night gun would be an AR set up. If you are able to deck out your AR for night shooting/hunting, besides having a blast with this gun, there are numerous benefits for a setup such as this.

If you are using your night vision for varmint control, such as feral pigs, an AR-15 will definitely help to eradicate these pests with the semi-automatic firing and the high capacity magazine. As soon as the first shot is fired, the pigs will more than likely scatter, if you are able to keep your eye in the scope because of the minimal kick, then you are more than likely going to see where other pigs run and have more of a chance to take out others.  

The Armasight Vampire 3X Core is a great addition to any AR-15, and even though this scope is a Gen1 its performance is that above a Gen2 series. This scope requires one CR123 A battery. This fog proof scope has a price of around $800.00 and has a resolution of 60 to 70 lp/mm which is great when hunting hogs or even calling in coyotes. Weight in at around three pounds assuming it is a decent moon lit night, you can hunt a range of around 150 yards.

Another good scope to place on your assault rifle would be the Armasight Nemesis 6X Gen 2 ID Night Vision Scope. It has a 6X magnification with a field of view of 6.5 degrees. It is a water resistant scope and it comes with emergency flip up sights which allows you use the gun in the day without needing to take off the scope.  It has a bright source protection (Auto Bright Control) and it also comes with a detailed long range infrared illuminator). This scope will allow you to make a clear and confidant shot up to 200 yards. It is a touch steeper on the price at $1900.00, but again, “you get what you pay for” and the features that are on this scope surpass the less expensive scopes.

The Armasight Orion 5X Gen1 is another scope that you could toss onto your AR. Coming in at a price of about $500.00 it is considerably less expensive and more available for those who are on a budget. Understandably, you are sacrificing several features, however, this Orion will still perform and make hunting in the night a new and enjoyable experience. It has a rubberized body making it water resistant and it has a built in variable reticle brightness. The best part is that on a good night it can shoot up to 150 yards.

Of course there are numerous other night vision scopes that can work perfectly on your AR. If you do any sort of night hunting for pests, varmints or even big game a semi-automatic rifle, with a large magazine, and with a great night vision scope is very hard to beat.

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