Thermal Clip On Systems

Looking for an easy way to turn your daytime scope into a thermal imaging capable scope? Our Armasight Thermal Clip On Systems can do just that.

The thermal clip on system is designed to easily mount in front of your existing day scope. This is an awesome solution so that you do not have to re-zero your scope when switching from daytime to thermal.  You simply attach the thermal clip on system in the front of your already zeroed daytime sight.  Some other great advantages of using a thermal clip-on include: no change in trigger reach, no change in cheek weld, and continued use of ballistic reticules in the day scope.

Every thermal clip on system that we sell at Night Vision Scope Co.™ is designed to provide you with convenience and accuracy in every shot, as well as every situation.  Our thermal clip-clip on systems are a great fit if you are looking to easily convert your daytime scope into a thermal scope.

We carry the best brand when it comes to clarity, versatility, reliability.  Night Vision Scope Co.™ is sure that you will find the most advanced Thermal Clip-On systems available.  Designed to provide convenience and accuracy in every shot we know that you will be able to find the perfect thermal clip on system that fits your needs.

If you have some questions about our thermal clip on imagers please reach out to one of our experts.  We will be happy to help you!

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Showing all 2 results