Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging devices are great for detecting people or animals in near to absolute darkness. Thermal imaging technology reveals what otherwise would be invisible to the naked eye. These devices require little or no ambient lighting. Thermal devices are great for daytime and nighttime use.  They also work in challenging conditions such as fog, smoke, dust, foliage and many other obscurants when other optical devices fail.  Unlike night vision devices, thermal devices are able to display images based on a temperature signature.

If you are looking to purchase a thermal scope, thermal clip-on systems, or a thermal monocular, Night Vision Scope Co.™ is confident that you will find a great thermal imaging device at an unbeatable price. We carry a wide variety of thermal devices such as thermal scopes and thermal monoculars from brands that you can trust like Armasight, Sightmark, Pulsar and Firefield.

When picking a thermal device it is extremely important to understand what you should be looking for.  If you have any questions about what thermal device is best for you, please reach out to one of our night vision experts.  We will be able to help you with your thermal device purchase.  

If you would like to do some research on your own about thermal devices, please take a look at our Night Vision Blog where we have compiled various articles to help make your journey easier.  

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Showing 1–16 of 24 results