About Night Vision Scope


Along the east side of Lawton Loop at Fort Benjamin Harrison in a converted barracks resides Night Vision Scope Co. which is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Fort Harrison was the city’s major military facility.  It served in a training capacity for both World Wars, the Cold War, Vietnam War and other U.S. actions.

Our facility is a rehabbed former officer housing and baracks that was built in 1905 – complete with a historic shooting range in the attic. This is where the soldiers and generals practiced their shooting during the rough Indiana winters.

Our mission is to be the most customer-focused night vision scope company. We’ve built a team that’s passionate about our customers and created a company founded on strong core values. We have built a website that makes selection of night vision devices very easy — it’s quick to narrow your choices without looking at pages of stuff that you’re not interested in. We have partnered with the best manufacturers to bring our customers the highest quality night vision devices at affordable prices. We are American-owned and operated.  We strive to create an amazing experience for our customers every single day.