Armasight Nemesis 6x GEN 2+ QS Night Vision Scope

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Ready to reach your view out further during night hunting trips? Armasight Nemesis 6x GEN 2+ QS Night Vision Scope is the perfect long range night vision device that will allow you to gain more distance between yourself and your target.

Armasight Nemesis 6x GEN 2+ QS (Quick Silver) Night Vision Scope boasts a high-quality and high-performance Gen 2+ image intensifier tube that features Armasight’s special Quick Silver technology. Going beyond green-on-green, the Quick Silver White Phosphor Gen 2+ IIT provides a sharp, clear, natural black & white image. The clearer details, better contrast, more distinct shapes and shadows, and resolution of 47-54 lp/mm from the Armasight Nemesis 6X QS will show you the action in greater detail.

The demanding varmint hunter, tactical shooter, target shooter and security personnel rave about the Armasight Nemesis 6X QS simple push button controls, easy to use internal windage and elevation. All of these features allow you to reach out even further and see beyond expected nighttime conditions during your next night tactical or hunting expedition.

No other night vision scope on the market has an illuminated reticle that even compares to the Armasight Nemesis. The adjustable brightness allows well defined and extremely thin crosshairs. Precise shot placement on extremely small targets is easy to acquire with the Armasight Nemesis.

The Nemesis is fitted with an adjustable mount adapts to both Picatinny and Weaver rails so you can slide it onto your rifle with no tools, in mere seconds. The accessory mounting rails allow easy mounting of our included XLR-IR850 Detachable X-Long Range Infrared Illuminator and/or other compatible accessories. The mount also allows for considerable length adjustment ensuring comfortable eye relief.

Not only is its accuracy and dependability unquestionable, it is machined from aircraft aluminum. The Armasight Nemesis Riflescope is also water-resistant, robust , lightweight, and shockproof.

The Armasight Nemesis 6x GEN 2+ QS Night Vision Scope everything a tactical shooter, target shooter, or hunter could ask for. Armasight Nemesis 6x QS is arguably one of the most dependable, highest performing night vision scopes you will find in Gen 2+ category.

Armasight Nemesis 6x GEN 2+ QS Night Vision Scope Features:

  • 6x Magnification with 6.5 degrees FOV
  • Shock Protected, all-glass IR transmission multicoated optics
  • Bright Source Protection, Auto Bright Control (ABC)
  • Illuminated center red cross reticle for optimal contrast
  • Controls and adjustments are simple and easy to operate
  • Waterproof
  • Flip-up back-up iron sights
  • Mounts to standard weaver rails
  • Variable reticle brightness
  • Limited Two-Year Warranty
  • Detachable infrared(IR) illuminator


  • Lens Tissue
  • Remote Control
  • One Lithium Battery CR123A
  • XLR-IR850 Detachable X-Long Range Infrared Illuminator


  • IIT Generation: GEN 2+ QS
  • Resolution: 47-54 lp/mm
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Lens system F2,: 160 mm
  • Field of view: 6.5°
  • Focus range: 25m to infinity
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: 10 mm
  • Eye Relief: 46 mm
  • Diopter Adjustment: -6 to +2 dpt
  • Reticle Type: Crosshairs
  • Reticle Color: Red
  • Windage & Elevation Adjustment: 1/2 MOA
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Automatic Brightness Control: Yes
  • Bright Light Cut-off: Yes
  • Low Battery Indicator: Yes
  • Infrared Illuminator: Detachable Long Range IR
  • Power Supply: One CR-123 Lithium 3V or Any CR123 type rechargeable batteries with voltage 3.2V
  • Battery life: Up to 60 hours
  • Environmental Rating: Water and fog resistant
  • MIL-STD-810: Yes
  • Operating temperature: -40° to +50° (-40° to +122°F)
  • Storage Temperature: -50° to +70° (-58° to +158°F)
  • Overall Dimensions: 388x102x71 mm (15.3x4x2.8 in)
  • Weight (without Mount and Remote Control): 1.9 kg (4.2 lbs)
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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Weight 4.1998060946219 lbs


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