Firefield N-Vader 3-9x Digital Night Vision Monocular

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Ideal for virtually any outdoor activity, the N-Vader 3-9x digital night vision monocular delivers high quality digital imaging at a considerable distance. This modern product line offers quick and easy operation.

Engineered with an ergonomic, easy-grip design, the unit can be easily hand held. With both day and night capabilities, the N-Vader 3-9x monocular is perfect for camping, hiking, bird watching, general observation or even home security. The N-Vader 3-9x includes a high-powered IR illuminator recommended for use in low-ambient light conditions or total darkness. In day mode, the digital monocular maintain color fidelity, providing high quality imaging. Its significantly enhanced digital zoom brings long distance targets (up to 195 feet) closer, allowing for precision and accuracy. With a 9x magnification, users get a wide-range magnification to hone in on the target.

The user-friendly video output feature allows for the image to be viewed or recorded on a monitor, TV or DVR. Equipped with an automatic shut off feature, the unit turns off after a period of non-use, saving battery life.


  • Enhanced low-light digital imaging
  • See up to 195 feet
  • 3x optical with 9x digital zoom
  • Adjustable gain control
  • Use during the day and night
  • Full color display
  • Compact/ergonomic design
  • Video output capability
  • Powerful built-in InfraRed illuminator

Included Accessories:

  • Lanyard


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